Top Dermatologists Reveal 4 Simple Steps For A Younger Looking Skin


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Top Dermatologists Reveal 4 Simple Steps For A Younger Looking Skin

We all dream of having skin that looks fresh and young all the time. This is the reason why anti-aging skin treatments are very popular nowadays. Despite that, a lot of people are still clueless as to what the ideal anti-aging regimen is — with some ending up with results far from what they expected.

We talked with some of the top skin care specialists around and we have summarized it down to 4 simple and easy-to-do steps that you can do to help you achieve that radiating and youthful glow.

Step 1: Protect Yourself from the Sun

Although there are times wherein we can’t help but soak ourselves under the sun, Dr. Gerrish said that even at the shortest periods of exposure, our skin is still at risk. That is why he recommends applying sunblock every time we go outside. He also added that we should go for products with high Sun Protection Factor or SPF to ensure that we are fully protected.

Step 2: What you eat reflects on your skin

“what you eat is the second most important anti-aging factor for your skin; the first being sun protection”.

It is best to be more cautious with what you eat because it might be the main cause of your skin sagging and looking worn out. For starters, make sure to have 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables. Include Omega 3-rich foods like fish as well those rich in fiber and always hydrate with water or green tea. Follow this diet and you’ll see improvements in your skin.

Step 3: Get to know what goes into the products that you use

There are a lot of different anti-aging creams around but not all of them can provide the same level of effectiveness. Dermatologist Dr. June Breiner recommends two products for anti-aging and these are namely Retin-A and Renova (a milder version of the former). Dr. Breiner says that these two are best in rejuvenating the collagen production in your skin that can help lessen your wrinkles. Aside from that, Dr. Gerrish also recommends skin care products rich in peptides (like Matrixyl and Argireline), Vitamin C, and glycolic acid (go for those with at least 25% content) as they are also effective in getting rid of fine lines.

Step 4: Set an appointment with your dermatologist and get treatments

Your dermatologist is the best and most fitting person that you can run to in terms of skin treatment. They are the ones who will suggest what products to use, what modifications should you do in your regimen, and what interventions would enhance your skin.

Speaking of treatments, here are some the procedures that our resident experts recommend:

  • Laser resurfacing and chemical peels for a fresher looking skin
  • Botox which can help your facial muscles not wrinkle
  • Facial fillers for straightening out wrinkles and lines

Some of these treatments tend to be a little costly so better get your budget prepared before you get into it.

These are just four simple ways that can help you achieve a younger looking skin. Do you have other recommendations or tips that you think can help? Leave a comment below and help a friend in need.

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