How To Keep Your 100 Trillion Gut Bacteria Happy


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How To Keep Your 100 Trillion Gut Bacteria Happy

There are more inhabitants living in your gut than there are people on Earth. There are more bacteria in your bowels compared to the total number of cells in your body. The same gut flora is what is keeping you healthy by keeping your immune system strong. It’s the body’s natural defense system that is keeping us at optimum health. How to do it? Make your 100 trillion gut bacteria happy. Simple.

Your overall health is directly connected with the health of your gut.

Gut and Physiology Syndrome

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, a leading expert neurologist and nutritionist, has developed a special kind of approach. She calls it a Gut and Physiology Syndrome (GAPS) and she cured her son’s severe autism with it. She is also treating kids with psychiatric disorders, digestive problems, immune disorders, neurological disorders, learning disabilities and autism with this nutritional approach.

The GAPS protocol is designed to restore the unity of your gut lining. It will provide your body with necessary ingredients to promote healthy enterocyte reproduction and balance your gut flora.

Gut and Physiology Syndrome includes all kinds of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

These include:

Inflammatory bowel diseases Type 1 diabetes Rheumatoid arthritis Selenium
Degenerative conditions Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) Ulcerative colitis Fibromyalgia
Kidney problems Urinary conditions Osteoarthritis Lupus
Chronic fatigue syndrome Chronic skin conditions Crohn’s disease Multiple sclerosis

Healing Your Gut

A typical American eats about 100 pounds of sugar every year, according to Dr.Richard Johnson, author of The Fat Switch. Just by eating as much sugar, you are feeding the bad bacteria in your gut. This bad bacteria is what causes different diseases.

Instead of that, you would want to give food to the good bacteria – those will help to protect you from diseases.

Exposure to chemicals will also cause an imbalance of your gut bacteria and it can lead to illnesses over a long period of time. A huge part of the bad bacteria’s damage is targeted on the intestinal lining.

Did you know that your intestinal lining is over 300 square meters, which is a size of a tennis court?

The good news is that you can change the composition of the bacteria in your digestive tract just by adjusting your diet.

How to do it, you might wonder?

Add naturally fermented foods into your daily diet. These can be fermented dairy products and vegetables. If you’re also into healthy food supplements, then search for those that have high-quality probiotics in them.

Probiotics can help you defend your intestine system. You can also read more about probiotics from the report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (October 2003).

Sadly, nowadays lots of babies don’t get healthy, natural boost of the good gut bacteria as they are born. So, as sooner as you can fix it for your kids, the better. With a strong mix of gut bacteria, your children will remain healthy and won’t get ill as easily. That is why breastfeeding babies, if possible, is so important.

On the other hand, bottle-feeding and antibiotics will make your child’s intestinal condition weaker. But if you must take antibiotics, then make sure you give your gut back all the good bacteria it has lost by eating fermented foods. If you cannot eat fermented foods regularly, then it is crucial to take probiotic supplements every day. Moreover, if you like to eat processed food, it is important to add some probiotics on the menu.

Do I Really Need a Probiotic Supplement?

A classic American diet has a lot of grains and sugars in it. In fact, everyone can benefit from high-quality probiotic supplements. But make sure not to take a shopping bag full of supplements — healthy naturally fermented foods are still priority number one. Probiotic supplements can be also a good head start for your health recovery.

As already mentioned above, the best source of probiotics is naturally fermented food. It should be your first options. But if you do decide to take a supplement as well, then search for the multi-strain, high potency sort. They will be available in most of the nutrition stores.

It is also highly advised to use a probiotic starter culture and make your own fermented foods. It will give you more good gut bacteria than any supplement would.

Did you know that probiotics are very helpful while travelling?

They help your organism cope when you get an infectious diarrhea. Large doses of high-quality probiotics are a quick solution for diarrhea. About one full bottle a day should be enough to cure you from this uncomfortable condition.

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