FACT: Plenty of Water Can Help Your Sore Joints


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FLASH (5)Exercise is known to be one of the most effective way to stay fit and healthy. But there are various reasons why it becomes difficult for some to do it regularly; one of these would be from joint pain and stiffness of psoriatic arthritis. But staying active can improve your range of motion and flexibility. It also protects your joints in the long term. Now you may ask, how to balance those two sides then?

Have you experienced, that exercising on land is just too painful? Luckily psoriatic arthritis and water makes a good team. So hide away your gym shoes and grab a swimsuit instead. Try water aerobics to help with the condition.

Water makes you lighter and takes stress off sore joints. A physical therapist Jennifer Schachner says that water’s viscosity provides resistance to moving legs and arms, so that patients can challenge themselves by moving at increased speed. That way they also build up their strenght.

A rheumatologist, Nathan Wei, MD, is also a fan of water exercise for psoriatic arthritis. He says that doing resistance exercises against water is far more gentle than using weights or resistance bands. Many people with arthritis have a weight problem as well. So finding an exercise routine they can stick with is extremely beneficial.

The Basics of Psoriatic Arthritis and Water Exercise

The goal of water exercises is to take your joints through a full but comfortable range of motion. Here are some tips to start out with that:

  • Don’t overdo it. You want to feel a little bit of soreness at the end of the workout. That means you’ve done something to make those muscles work and eventually it will lead gaining more strength. But if you become so sore that you cannot move normally any more, you’ve probably overdone it. That means you would have to scale back on your water exercise routine.
  • Be patient. Keep in mind that it takes at least 6 weeks to build muscle strength. The stronger you get, less sore you will feel. Don’t let being sore discourage you. Oftentimes when you are sore, just get into the water and start doing some simple exercises – shortly you will feel better.

Keeping things in balance is always the gatekeeper in achieving the common goal– to stay healthy and happy.

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