Brussel Sprouts: Nature’s Potent Detox


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Brussel Sprouts: Nature's Potent Detox

It is but understood when you see a child throw a tantrum and refuse to gorge down their plate of veggies while forming a dislike against certain vegetables, but it speaks volumes when adults share the same feeling.

A vegetable voted as the most hated in both UK and US have recently been shown to have great health benefits when added to the daily diet.

Yes, you have guessed it right; it’s the one and only Brussel Sprouts.

The repulsive stance projected by even the most avid of them veggie eaters against this nutritious option could be attributed to its offensive odor which occurs more so when overcooked. Overcooking is something which should be avoided in any case because it ends up making the food lose its flavor and nutrients.

The source of odor containing compounds, including glucosinolate and other compounds containing sulfur, are in fact the very enzymes responsible for some great health benefits including fighting certain types of cancer.

All the more reason to give them a chance next time you venture out to the vegetable section at the grocery stores.

Brussel sprouts offer scores of health benefits, some of these facts are listed below:

Low Caloric Nutrition Packed Meal:

The amount of nutritional value contained in Brussels sprouts makes it an ideal candidate to be referred to as the worlds healthiest food. Not only this much fallaciously maligned vegetable is a source of vitamin C and vitamin K ( a surprising fact coming from a green vegetable ) but is home to some of the most crucial nutrients such as potassium, choline, ferric acid, manganese, fiber, protein and vitamin B.

The fiber content in this vegetable makes it a hearty meal, while it is actually low, is caloric content.

One cup contains around 56 calories and is packed with as much nutrition to suffice for the day’s need and meet your requirements.

Brussel Sprouts is known to cut chances of chronic oxidative stress, making it an ideal food not just for the heart but if one is looking into fighting off different types of cancer and other diseases which are chronic.

A Great Source of Detox

Detox has recently become a great fad in the health practice of adopting a healthy lifestyle and progressive approach to attain good health. It may come as a surprise to many that this notorious food belonging to the cruciferous vegetables is a great source of detox.

Most drinks that offer detoxification perform by helping the body get rid of toxins such as free radicals with additional benefits such as anti-aging. Also, this neat vegetable has certain compounds that activate internal enzyme systems in our cells that cover detoxification of cancer-causing substances from our body as well.

This detoxification works in two parts:

Phase 1: Damage and break down toxin into smaller substances.
Phase 2: Remove those toxins safely out of the body, instead of allowing unhealthy accumulation.

Hence, making Brussel sprouts as the best candidate to flush out toxins while fighting off various cancers at the same time.

Lowers Risk of Cancer

Recent studies have established cancer as the number one cause of death in the US. Simply including Brussel sprouts into your food choice can curb the risk of this disease. Brussel sprouts contain essential compounds called Glucosinolates that is required to make Isothiocyanates. Isothiocyanate activities enzyme systems in the body directly related to fighting cancer.

The bitter content of Brussel sprouts are also those same sulfur-containing compounds, namely sulforaphane, that are quite beneficial for fighting off cancer.

According to Medical News Today:
Researchers have discovered that sulforaphane has the power to inhibit the harmful enzyme histone deacetylase (HDAC), known to be involved in the progression of cancer cells. The ability to stop HDAC enzymes could make sulforaphane-containing foods a potentially powerful part of cancer treatment in the future.

Prevent Risk of Stroke

Cruciferous vegetables are known to play a vital part in lowering the risk of problems associated with cardiovascular diseases. It also renders support to the heart due to its cholesterol-lowering abilities whether eaten raw or cooked.

When a food containing fat is consumed, the liver creates molecules through a process called emulsification. These molecules are in a liquid form that waits to be released into the intestines to interact with the fat due to absorption into the body.

Brussel sprouts fiber content binds with the bile in such a way that it prevents the bile and the fat to bind and subsequently disrupt fat absorption into the body. Rather, it is flushed out of the body through bowel movement.

Under those circumstances, liver depends upon the existing cholesterol in the body to replace the bile hence effectively lowering existing cholesterol level in the body.

Be sure to not overcooked the vegetable as it rips the food off its nutritional value. Such is the case with brussel sprouts that improves on its cholesterol cutting abilities when simply steamed.

There are many interesting ways to incorporate Brussels sprouts into our daily diet. The best way is to simply steam them and toss them in olive oil along with your favorite condiments for an added flavor.

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