9 Alarming Symptoms of Depression You Should Not Ignore


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9 Alarming Symptoms of Depression You Should Not Ignore

It is but natural to feel all sorts of emotions over the course of time — including sadness and depression. However, it is of utmost importance that these symptoms can be detected early so that proper intervention can be done. You must be able to identify the alarming symptoms of depression in the earliest time possible.

If sadness prevails for a longer period than normal, it can progress into depression and withdrawal.  This can be quite stressful for the body; needless to say crippling.

Some of the people suffering from severe chronic depression has a high probability to end his own life.


Seeking the obscure

The symptoms of depression aren’t as obvious as frequent crying and feeling overtly hopeless.

According to the director of the mood and anxiety program in the psychiatry department at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Boadie W. Dunlop, MD, “Oftentimes, the changes are subtle, and the person may not notice, but their friends and loved ones may”.

There is a clear pattern which may be noticed in patients hurling towards the web of depression. It may begin as subtle as being not in the mood to go outdoors and the preference to be disconnected from the outside world for a while to more severe symptoms as random thoughts of suicide.

Depression does not have a set time of progression.  A person may slowly fall into a lapse of depression or in some cases a perfectly happy person may suddenly transform into a depressed state in a matter of days.

The 9 alarming symptoms of depression

There are many symptoms of depression that warrants concern. The following are 9 alarming symptoms to help you recognize for the sake of treatment, whether it is for yourself or someone you know:

Disturbed Sleep: Sleeping problems could link to various other reasons; but if the problem persists over time then the reason could be attributed to depression.

Depression often causes sleep deprivation.

However, there is a flip side to the coin as well, as in some cases a depressed individual may have trouble getting out of bed and may sleep for noticeably longer duration during the day.

Lack of Interest in previously adored activities: One obvious symptom is to notice an evident loss of interest in the activity they most enjoyed before.

So if suddenly a person who loved gardening now has a garden going in neglect without any reason; or a person who loved crafting objects suddenly lacks interest in finishing off their project or initiating any new projects, it could be a red flag.

Altered Appetite: As far as stereotyping a person with depression goes it is not always the case that depressed person may over indulge in food. Actually, a person with deeper progressed stage of depression may not have any appetite at all. In some later stages, a person may completely disregard personal hygiene as well, since there is a loss of concern for physical well-being.

Developing a Dark Side: Some people may show sudden obsession with death or things related to it because they are having random thoughts of suicide at a regular pace.

Sudden Increase in Energy: This is the most alarming symptom and is usually very dangerous if the person shows a sudden turnaround from a lapse of depression into spontaneity. It usually signals towards a deadly resolve. The sheer purpose to have made a decision to commit suicide give the person a sense of renewed purpose resulting in a sudden sprout of energy.

Touchiness: According to Dr. Dunlop, depression manifests in some as an increased level of irritability and impatience than feeling down in the dumps.

If you see more than one symptom, be sure to know that intervention is required. Intervention can be either through self-help or professional assistance; depending upon the severity of the stage.

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