8 Amazing Health Benefits of Kissing


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8 Amazing Health Benefits of Kissing

Kissing is an interestingly human attribute that is said to have risen as an approach to pass germs from one individual to another, eventually building strong immunity. In any case, that is somewhat unromantic, isn’t it?

While it appears to be plausible that kissing would have a fundamental natural function, there’s additionally no denying it is also part in the bonding process or sense of well-being.

The medical advantages of kissing

Kissing is a sensual meditation – not only does it makes you feel good but also has the following health benefits:

  • relieves stress
  • stops the worries in your mind
  • releases epinephrine hormone into your blood, thereby making the heart pump faster that may result in the decrease of LDL cholesterol.
  • kissing can also be a novel approach to receive hormones like testosterone:
[ohd_ad_one] Curiously, Andrea Demirjian, creator of Kissing: Everything you ever wanted to know around one of life’s Sweetest pleasures, believes that “a kiss a day really can keep the doctor away.”

She recently shared eight medical benefits of kissing with CNN:

  1. Decrease Blood Pressure

Kissing is quite beneficial in reducing the blood pressure. It helps to dilate the blood vessels , that may result in bringing down your blood pressure.

  1. Complete Relieve from Cramps and Headaches

The dilation of blood vessels as explained above likewise helps to relieve pain, especially headache and menstrual spasms.

  1. Battle Cavities

When kissing, the production of saliva in the mouth highly increases, and this in turn washes away the plaque on your teeth that might lead to cavities.

  1. Release Happy Hormones

Kissing stimulates your nervous system to discharge a mixture of happy,feel-good chemicals like dopamine,serotonin, and oxytocin. This isn’t vital only for your joy, it may also help to reinforce your relationship.

“‘This [oxytocin] is the hormone of love as well as affection, and the better the level of oxytocin, the more capacity for love,’ explains the author of ‘The Biology of Love’  and psychotherapist Arthur Janov, Ph.D.

‘We have found that the individuals who cannot commit in a love relationship are low in oxytocin.'”


Strangely, kissing activates the same regions in your brain connected to reward and addiction. According to the research specialists who revealed this finding:

Kissing may have originated as an approach to stimulate mind frameworks connected with sex drive, sentimental love, and connection.

Thus, when individuals kiss, they actually release high levels of anti-stress hormones which releases the tension. This makes them mentally relaxed and highly comfortable. Moreover, it helps in keeping their mental state peaceful, away from discomfort as well as problems. It’s quite interesting to know that kissing activity has mental as well as physiological benefits.

  1. Burn Calories

Kissing also benefits in burning calories.Several experts suggest that the longer you kiss, the greater you burn calories. Additionally, too much of calories can result in gaining weight faster. Thus, an average 5 minutes of kiss is quite enough to lose 3 calories. Whereas, a vigorous kiss may burn 8-16 calories. So this kissing activity has been quite beneficial in losing weight.

  1. Boost Your Self-Esteem

Kissing gives you high confidence and enhances your self-esteem. It can make you feel great physically and mentally; providing a boost in your confidence level.

Kissing is an act that could mean love or appreciation.

Moreover, it is a universal language which helps to bound attitude and many other differences in life. So when individuals kiss, they become one in numerous aspects of life. This suggests that kissing makes people happier, boosts self-esteem and highly productive at work.

  1. Tone Your Facial Muscles

Another benefit of kissing is it enhances your skin. At the point when individuals kiss, changes occur in the muscles and skin of your face. This enhances blood circulation in the skin which helps to make the skin look healthy, smooth and firm. Hence, a vigorous kiss helps you shape up your jawline and neck contours by working out a number of facial muscles.

  1. Check Out Your Compatibility With Your Partner

A kiss can be an effective measure of your initial attraction to an individual, to such an extent that the majority of men and ladies reviewed reporting that a first kiss could be a mood killer.

Ladies, specifically, put more significance on kissing as a “compatibility gadget”. It is also used as a method for starting, keeping up, and observing the status of their relationship with a long-term partner.

Boost your immune system and relieve stress through Kissing

The normal individual spends over 20,000 minutes of their life kissing. Notwithstanding the advantages mentioned above, kissing has been noted to help boost up the immune system and diminish hypersensitive reactions in individuals with skin or nasal sensitivities.

A separate research additionally revealed that individuals who spent six weeks making kissing a regular activity with their partners reported significant declines in their levels of anxiety. The kissing individuals likewise reported more relationship fulfillment and significant  improvement in their cholesterol levels .

The exchange of saliva during a kissing activity can fuse natural antibiotics. This development can help to prevent abdominal infections such as the bladder, stomach pains. Kissing can also help to increase the production of endorphins in the body, which are essential substances for better functioning of our nerve cells. Endorphins are more powerful than morphine.

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