5 Simple Ways to Maintain a Sharp and Healthy Memory


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5 Simple Ways to Maintain a Sharp and Healthy Memory

It’s kind of a bummer when you forget something, isn’t it? Like when you’re all ready to go out for some grocery or something but then you forgot to bring with you your keys but the twist is, you’ve got you door locked up!

Episodes like these are those we tend to laugh off but if starts to recur on a regular rate, then it may need our immediate attention. According to medical experts, memory lapses aren’t just limited to older people; it can basically affect anyone – from kids to young urban professionals and most especially adults. It has also been discovered that forgetfulness isn’t something that is caused by aging but by other conditions which may include some illnesses.

To help you prevent those occasional memory duds, here are five practical tips to keep your brain in shape. These do not neither require any extensive procedures nor cost you a huge amount of money so there is literally no excuse not to check them out.

 1. Never stop learning

Every moment in our lives calls for an opportunity to learn. By opening yourself up to things that can help you discover something new, you are not only expanding your horizons – you are doing your mental health a favor as well. Learning helps maintain your brain active which is an important factor in avoiding forgetfulness. It does not need to be grand or expensive as well. Here are some examples to help you get going:

  • Reading a cookbook and preparing your favorite dishes
  • Attending an art workshop
  • Practicing a dance routine
  • Learning how to read notes and play any instrument you like.

2. Being “old” is not synonymous to being forgetful

Again, memory slips happen even to the best of us but it is important to remember that you should not be confined to its stereotypes. Just because you are “old” in numbers doesn’t mean that you are prone to forgetting stuff. When you overcome this notion and start to think that you can be better than what you are now then all the good things will just follow.

3. Eat healthy for a better memory

There are specific types of nutrients that your body needs to help improve your mental performance. For example, instead of munching your favorite chips, opt for a healthier option like blueberries and blackberries as they are rich in flavonoids that improve memory. Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and lettuce do a lot of wonders as well. Seafood like salmon and herring are best served grilled or steamed and can be of great help thanks to its natural Omega 3 content. Start updating your meal plan by including the ones mentioned above and you’ll be sharper in no time

4. Use memory tools to your advantage

There’s a reason why people use planners, diaries, and notepads. It helps them reduce other mental clutter that can be allocated to discovering newer and more interesting things. Here’s a list of some activities that can be aided with these “memory tools”:

  • Write down your grocery list with your notepad
  • Plan your activities for the upcoming months by jotting it down on your planner
  • Get a desk calendar and list down all the tasks that you need to accomplish daily
  • Use post-it notes to mark down minute details that you tend to forget, like the chapter in the book where you stopped reading.

5.  An active body has an active brain…and vice versa

On a scientific front, exercising can activate “brain derived neurotrophic factors” which help in the rapid production of brain cells necessary for your mental health. But in simpler terms, an active lifestyle helps improve memory because it lets you feel more optimistic and at ease with yourself. When you are able to achieve this kind of “zen”, your thoughts will be less cluttered and you’ll be able to lessen the instances of memory lapses.

These are just five tips that you can try but there are more things that you can do to improve your memory. Share your own mantras and tips down the Comments section below and let’s be mentally healthy!

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